30th Day = Bittersweet.

It’s Day 30 of the Whole30, we’ve made it!   It’s a bittersweet moment.  Exciting and organic feelings of success race through our clean detoxed veins; and then at the same time we’re thinking…. Oh crap, what the hell do we do now?   Proud.   Excited.   And yes…Concerned.

It may feel like we now have an issue if we’re already planning our first “real” meal at a favorite pizza joint from our previous life…or worse, an insta-toxic drive-thru grabbing and gobbling consumable chemicals.  While the pride & excitement are easy to take, the third component gives us something to talk about for sure.

So then….let’s talk about perception:  “The point from which we understand or
interpret things.”
  After all, that’s where it all begins – right? – (good or bad, I’ll
remind you!)  So why don’t we look at the idea of finishing the 30 days not as an “end,” but as an opportunity to continue what has only just begun for each of us…of course with some slight variations.

To keep up the positive results we’ve accomplished, we must first set an intention to choooooose this path!  Seriously, it’s a thing:  You must make the second biggest commitment to The Whole30…decide that the changes you’ve made aren’t something you will easily give up!  It’s going to be a little rough out there when you’re released into the general population because there are no more “rules” you have to abide by.  Ultimately it could be a non-stop party from here on out and you could UNDO every good thing you’ve DONE.  I know.  It’s happened to me.  Therefore, I highly recommend reading “Life After Your Whole30.”

My personal plan is to stick to the foundation of the whole, all-natural, non-preserved, no gmo, no gluten, no refined sugar rules 5 days a week, M-F.  This plan is easy to do at work and generally it’s a pleasure to shop healthy and cook at home.  I love those parts!  I accept the idea that I will allow myself to make other choices on weekends, but my hope is that this will become second nature and anything else would be a choice made by me to experience a date night with my honey or some other special celebration.  I think this is attainable.

In the meantime, I’m already planning our 3rd Annual Delco Detox to take place in April, 2017.   Maybe just that idea alone will help us to stay on track.  When the time comes, we want to make sure we’ve secured our new programming deep inside the center core of ourselves, and that we’re able to pass on every rich dessert, thick heavy creamy sauce, and dead-end food that crosses our path before then.

Brave-hearts, there’s one thing I want you to remember:  You can do anything you put your mind to!   You rock!  You’ve just proven it.

Until next time my detoxed peeps, enjoy your lunch,



Navigating the Raw Jungle of Whole30 Foods!

Today is the last Friday of our 30-day challenge together as a detox team!

We’ve navigated our way through the raw jungle of fresh fruits & veggies while along the way encountering what has gotten the bad rap of dangerous foods like meat, eggs and animal fats.   When you’re on the 30, these legally whole, natural foods are a-okay for consumption…and wow, are they de-lish!

Something I’ve learned each time I’ve done the Whole30 is that it takes a very special breed to be part of a tribe that possess the willpower and determination to prepare and consume fresh, natural, live foods (as in, packed with active nutrition) every single day on this detox.   We four brave trailblazers are now able to identify when, where, how and why we’ve made bad choices in the past, which has helped us shed previous programming that kept us eating dead (as in, absolutely no positive nutrition), unhealthy, unsupported, unnatural, processed foods, while replacing those tapes with a technique of brainstorming instead of brainwashing!  

The results are great ideas and efforts in making our own delicious meals that taste amazing AND support us on our endeavor to a long life through all-natural foods!

Whether you are in this to:

  • Drop weight
  • Stabilize blood sugar
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Identify allergies
  • Release toxins
  • Replenish vitamins, or
  • General benefits of all-around good nutrition…

I’m absolutely sure you’re seeing the results you’re were hoping for when we started this journey.
As we creep up to the last weekend on the program, hang tight expeditious detoxers!   Continue to be strong out there for the last Saturday & Sunday of the month, you’re almost there, and there’s definitely NOTHING that should distract you from making it through the last few days.

Enjoy your weekend,


DAY 9 ~ We’re on a Roll (figuratively speaking!) :-)

Congrats Detoxers, together we’ve made it to Day 9!!

We’ve had some good conversations here in the office about the positive in-direct effects of The Whole30.  For instance, how great it is that we all agree that it is sooooo very nice to be in the kitchen again!?  No longer driving through to pick up burgers for dinner or stopping at a restaurant, we find ourselves side-by-side with our loved ones choppin’ and talkin’ in the galley, cooking healthy meals and preparing for the next few days.

Preparing food ahead of time is a huge benefit on this program if you’re one of millions of people blessed to be going to work every day.  Setting yourself up to succeed is key on any program, and the way to do that while on the Whole30 is to have meals ready-to-go!  Channel your inner-Emeril and BAM! chop, mix, cook, portion and package your breakfasts, lunches & grab-able dinners so they’re ready to travel with you at any given moment.Weekly Food Prep 101: A Guide to Quick & Efficient 2 Hour Food Preparations - Becoming Athletic

I usually dedicate Sunday to shop for fresh foods at the local farmers market. Just being there makes you feel healthy.  It’s a great way to keep you aligned. When I get home, I spread them out all over the kitchen and start chopping each item and packaging them into individual containers, baggies or freezer packs.

Cooking meats, pork & chicken in bulk ahead of time is a great idea too.  Sunday is a perfect grilling day for family dinners.  Throw down a few extra chops, steaks, burgers or breasts, take the opportunity to load up that grill!  After it all cools, package that protein into individual portion sizes to grab for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  Freeze packages that will easily defrost by lunchtime for a chopped salad or hot meal to nuke.

DIY: Stir-fry Vegetable Freezer Packages by AIMEE on SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 in MENU PLANNING & BATCH COOKING With late summer produce so plentiful and affordable at the markets, it makes sense to stock up while the “going” is good. The concept is simple – prepare and cook vegetables separately, then combine them and package in resealable freezer bags for use all winter long. Yields: 5 – 1lb bags.Not having something to grab when you’re running out the door to clock-in on time, is a big failure…you’re putting yourself into the position to make some tough decisions at lunch time…and god forbid you’re hungry in that moment!

Schedule some time this weekend to plan which fresh foods you want, cook them, chop them, package them and line them up in your fridge and freezer!  That’s setting you up for SUCCESS!

Enjoy your lunch,



Welcome to the day before the 2nd Annual Delco Detox, 2016!  We’ve got five loud-and-proud brave participants in this 30-day program of eating whole foods only!  Nothing processed. No sugar. No dairy. No grains. No preservatives. No Gluten. No nothin’ but whole, healthy, fresh, live foods!

Some other programs put the red light on meat, but this one gives you the go-ahead to eat healthy natural proteins like lean meats, poultry and eggs (preferably organic or grass-fed, but it is not required ~ see the best, better, good list) http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-shopping-list.pdf

I’m excited and inspired to be part of this 30-day endeavor, and I aspire to be an excellent motivator.:-) I intend to make it a fun interactive experience by posting our recipes, pictures, tips & tricks! We will have a lot of fun together learning new ways to shop, chop, cook and eat… which will unlock many of us who have lived by perspectives and rules that no longer support us in living our best healthiest lives!

Just by getting on board for the approaching Delco Detox, you’re changing the rules, team!  We’ll talk more soon…

Enjoy your lunch!

Show, then Tell!

Hello Friends,

Let’s talk about “show and tell”… it means something new today ~ it’s all about being a role model!   Okay so … <insert open mind here>

There’s a lot to be said for being“all talk and no action.”  Remember that old phrase?  Well, it’s true.  What are your actions telling others about you right here, right now?  It’s easy to tell friends + family about the Whole30 and the fresh foods sprouting up in your life, but it’s more important to show by way of action that you’re making new healthy choices and decisions.

It’s time to stop the talk in its tracks.  Time to THINK before you drink that juicy fruit martini!   A person must first BE in order to BECOME what they talk about.  It’s all about “showing” others by way of action; show them the new decisions you’re making by actually making them!  Show them the different choices by choosing different.   All your new ways will show up automatically ~ without your prompting ~ when you’ve adopted them in all of life…then you can tell everyone about your success because you’ve become the change you wanted to be + see!  That’s what they mean by “being the change you want to see in the world!”  A person can’t just talk about it, they have to become it.

Friends, I haven’t completely fallen off the subject unintentionally + you probably knew this was coming anyway ~ It’s the same with fresh-food choices.   Believe it or not, you actually are what you eat!  Fresh food that is whole + alive vs. dead food that is toxic + acidic =  a deep subject and warrants an entirely new BLOG post of its own, but the bottom line is this:  You cannot preach about the beauty of the local farmers market with an In-N-Out bag in your right hand;  There is no salivating over homemade citrus cucumber water while devouring a strawberry daiquiri; Posing as a fresh-produce ali while loading your veggies with cheese and sauce is a just a no-no.  We all know these truths, yet we still try to convince people of what we wish was true instead of just intentionally being and letting that speak for itself.

When it’s staring us straight square-on in the face, it’s undeniable and there is no convincing left to do.  Actions speak so much louder than words could… ever.

So while you’re enjoying your lunch, choose to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in your Self; “Show, then Tell.”


Find Out Who Your Friends Are!

Do you know who your friends are?

Which one is a false~food friend vs. a fresh~food friend?  Which ones mask themselves as “nutritional,” “healthy,” “fun,” “energetic,” “colorful,” “honest + true?”  And who turned out to be the opposite when it came time to go all~in at the detox table?  Did they show their true colors and admit that their love has been a lie?  Did they come clean about being designed to brainwash you, creating an addiction to them, making you believe you neeeeed them to live + breathe!?

They purposely promote themselves as friends + family who would always be there when you needed someone to turn to, to trust, to believe in!  You thought they’d come save you if you ever broke down in the middle of nowhere, got stuck in a ditch, or just needed a push to the next fueling station.  Did they leave you high + dry, like they did me, alone + stranded?  Did you find your support for them way outweighed theirs for YOU?

Truth is, we willingly connected to them and supported their messages of moral + value.  We gave them a wholehelluvalotta credit for being bright, intelligent, fun and worthy of our consumption…we put our lives in their hands for gosh sakes!

Honestly, to be fair, they actually were there for us through some of our most desperate emotional moments.  They called to us via many modes of communication + venues; their advertising filled us with the dream + possibility of being someone special!   But it turns out they fed us BS; they kept us in the dark about who they really were!  And now it’s time to come clean!

When the cards are down and nobody is hiding the truth anymore about which team they’re on — Fresh or False? — it’s your call.  Are you going to be all-in or fold?   What are you choosing now?  Are you letting Fresh~foods support you or False~foods?

This is where the rubber meets the road, peeps, and you seriously will find out who your friends are!

I hope you fill your tank with some good hearty healthy fuel … enjoy your lunch!




Maker~Breaker Time!

Hello Detox Renegades,

We’ve been on the other side of the Whole30 detox now for 2 days.  I will tell you that I have enjoyed one complete meal (dinner last night) that was completely WRONG and OFF THE CHARTS  of this program… or any program for that matter!  I’m not going to divulge my after-detox food-frenzy because look, what happens at Dairy Queen stays at Dairy Queen ~ you know what I’m talkin’ about, right!?   Cool.   Okay, ssshhhhhh, then.

So here’s the thing though:  Now is the moment that we need to really know  + show what we’re made of!  We’re off the program, feeling good, healthy, altogether well…and well, it’s a challenge!  Knowing we can have some of the things we couldn’t before, we’re facing-off with food and it’s decision~time once again!  Just like on the first weekend of the program where we had to be strong and resist the bad foods that were bound to leap in front of us at a moments notice, we have to do the exact same thing being the first weekend of testing + trusting our new programmed ways!   How did this happen?!

Thirty days of fresh food set us steady on the path of good choices that were
easy to make because we had RULES to help us conform.  Which, by the way, shows us how we’re really programmable robots, but the truth is that nobody has a remote to us except our Selfs.   Uh huh, you might want to read that again.  It’s true.  What we sell + tell our Self is what we buy into, believe and therefore ARE!

So anyway having said that, here we are re-programmed + fully charged for new thought about nutrition and food choices.  And slam, just like that we get invited to go out for Sushi & Sake Bombs; BBQ Beef & Onion Rings; Spaghetti & Meatballs.  What are we supposed to do?!

Making the new choices we’ve learned in the last 30 days are there in the forefront of your mind!  However, IF you’re going to choose to allow yourself a free meal like this, then enjoy it to the utmost amazing, taste-tingling, enjoyment you can possibly feel!   No regrets.  No looking back.  No self-sorries.  Nothing, but acceptance and true appreciation for the wonderful, delectable food in your presence.  It’s about quality~of~life in this case.  Be in the moment and savor every morsel!  That’s an order!  LOL  Then when it’s over, let it be OVER.  Gone.  Done.  Back on the track of the fresh-food train(ing).

Let’s not lie to ourselves, it may be a challenge our entire lives to be in maker~breaker moments of truth like this.  We may actually have to learn to live with this every single day.   And guess what?  Good news:  We’re human beings!  We’re not actually (contrary to previous mention) robots, so we will want some of the foods that are less~than~good for us.  However because we (seriously) are programmable “beings,” we can therefore choose to believe in those particular moments we are feeding our SOULS.  So YES!, feed your soul and move on back to feeding your body as soon as possible afterwards.  That’s the road to being “PERFECT,” identifying the moments to be OFF + ON and letting it be okay.

And while you’re at it… enjoy your lunch!